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Conformal Coating

The process of conformal coating protects internal electronic components when exposed and used in extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Using Advanced PCB Engineering for Your Conformal Coating Projects
  • Engineer reviews devices prior to coating which
    • Greatly reduces additional instructions from client
    • Ensures maximum protection by correctly identifying masking and coating areas
  • Coating materials meticulously hand applied, not sprayed or vapor applied
  • Testing of unit (if required) performed before disassembly and after reassembly
Client Endorsement:

"Your background as a circuit board designer saves me so much time. I am able to give you a job with little or no specific instruction and trust that you will be able to know what to coat and to mask. When the equipment comes back it works great. Thank you, Larry!"
- Shea Whitaker, Control Systems Engineer
   Kennecott Utah Copper
Previously Successful Coated Projects:
  • Servers
  • Work stations
  • Hard disc drives
  • Automatic switching systems
  • Touch screen panels
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
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